FBO JAPAN Kobe operates a full service FBO facility, offering private lounge, private ramp space, CIQ services, Fueling, and other services including the following:

Ground Handling

At FBO JAPAN KOBE, with our excellence in teamwork, we guarantee to offer full ground handling services to customers.
We will ensure all the necessary facilities and equipment you request.

  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • PAX Handling
  • Crew Handling
  • Concierge Service
  • CIQ Services
  • Baggage Handling
  • Private Lounge Space
  • Private Ramp Space
  • Private FBO Facility
  • Ramp Supervision
  • Catering Service
  • Flight Planning
  • Hangar
  • Lavatory Service
  • Potable Water Service
  • Towing/Pushback
  • Trash Disposable Service

Acquisition of Airport Slots / Necessary Permissions

Permits may vary complexly depends on country and type of operations. Especially, documentation requirements can be somewhat overwhelming and challenging in Japan.
At FBO JAPAN KOBE, all of our team members are considerably expertise in applying and securing all types of permits. We built great trust and relationships with the Japanese Aviation Authorities over decades which enables us to secure the permits as quickly as possible. We will be happy to assist you with all the procedure that you are concerned with.

  • Acquisition of Airport Slots
  • Overflight/Navigation Permit
  • Domestic Flight Permit
  • Charter Flight Permit

FUEL Service / JET A-1 / AVGAS

Fuel is one of the most critical services to your operations. We provide safe, yet timely and efficient fuel supply. We also offer modest and competitive rates to our customers.
Contact us for further fuel rates and availability and our experienced team will fulfill your needs.

Hotel Transportation Accommodation / Limousine Service

One of our main goals is to make our customers to feel as comfortable as possible while in Japan even outside the airport. We offer the best and most suitable hotel in accordance with your schedule. Transportation between Airport – Hotel will be always available.

  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Limousine Service
  • PAX& CREW Transportation